A+ Sun Systems touts tensile structures for difficult installations

In booming PV markets it has been observed that the more straightforward locations are invariably the first to be developed. Representing the low hanging fruit, it leaves behind more difficult sloping land for ground mounted arrays or more straightforward flat roof and curved roof commercial applications. Italy’s A+ Sun Systems believes its tensile steel wire rope solution can be applied to such difficult locations in a cost-effective way. The SunNet Ground employs the tensile-rope solution in a way that the company claims reduces the need for expensive soil and site analysis and does not require the use of GPS or laser point equipment. “Tensile structure is a very smart system,” says Shin Morimoto, the CEO Copia Energy, which has applied A+ Sun Systems’ tensile approach to mounting structures. The company, based in San Bonifacio in Italy’s north, has supplied three pilot projects in Japan. Working with local EPCs, A+ Sun Systems has supplied one flat roof project with its SunNet Roof system, and two ground-mounted projects on sloping ground.

LINK: https://www.apsunsys.com/files/apsunsys.com/2015-02_pv-magazine_article.pdf