A+ Sun Systems solar tensile structures among the 20 most promising technologies in PV market

Array Changing Technologies

As another year of solar innovations marches on, with exciting new products and models being introduced up and down the supply chain, pv magazine has brought together a jury of industry experts to honor those technologies whose potential is truly Array Changing. Here, we’ve added another 10 innovations to those featured back in June, and tasked our expert jury with deciding on five standout entries from the list.

These select finalists will also qualify as candidates for the inaugural pv magazine Award, which will be given at the end of the year and cover all of the industry’s major segments. First though, a preview of 10 new products added to the list since June.

A+ Sun Systems SunNet Ground mounting system A+ Sun Systems is introducing its SunNet Ground, a steel cable mounting system for ground-mounted photovoltaic plants. It consists of steel wire ropes anchored at the extremities, offering an easy way to increase the tension, and a special hook, which the company states is a breeze to install. Because the modules are suspended on cables, they can cover extremely irregular surfaces such as curved landfills, steep hilly quarries, or agricultural land in which it is undesirable to forfeit land area to mounting structures. The modules can even be suspended over water. In standard ground applications, according to A+ Sun Systems, tensile cable racking offers the opportunity to have much larger spans between posts, reducing installation cost, and resulting in up to 65% weight reduction. Having thin wire rope and few easels under the panels, the racking system optimizes performance of bifacial PV panels. A+ also notes that SunNet Ground can be used with trackers.

LINK: https://www.apsunsys.com/files/apsunsys.com/2018-09_pv-magazine_article.pdf